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"Vida salon is an amazing place to relax and definately make you feel welcome with special attention. coming into the salon my hair was super damaged just with some work my hair looks good. i have never found any one in charlotte to do my hair properly and profesional. i will deffentaly come back and recomend randall.... thank you so much!!! "


"This is the best place in charlotte to cut your hair! Randall takes time to cut your hair, he paid attention to the details, and listens to you. He is a professional. Before him I was driving every four to five months to Atlanta, because I couldn't find another person here in Charlotte to cut my hair well. Every time I had to cut my hair I was very disappointed. I've been his customer for over a year and I love it. now, my family is coming as well."


"This place was fantastic! They greet you like no where else and then give you a style like no where else. Great price and better people!! Your search ends now!"


"Randall does an exceptional job. Having family in the industry I know the difference between a good haircut and a bad one. Randall took his time and paid attention to every detail. I can't tell you how much I appreciate knowing that every time he cuts my hair, I can rest easy."


"Its a place where you feel confortable to cut your hair. Randall would give you his honest opinion, and will always want wahat is best for you and your hair. He takes his time to explain to you if any questions, an always listens to what you want. Great place where you can trust what they would do with your hair."


"Vida Salon is the BEST experience I have had! It has a very hospitable vibe and the staff is wonderful. The stylist Randall will take his time with you and do every cut to perfection! So if you want the feeling of something new and refreshing I strongly recommend Vida Salon".